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DJ Aida Test

Testing, Testing!

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Seven Men, One Destiny

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Interested in joining a Magnificent 7 episode re-watch?

Some of us have been with the fandom for years. Some of us have only recently discovered the joy of the M7 fandom.

7men1destiny is a chance for everyone to watch the episodes together - reliving the excitement of rediscovering each episode for old fans, and getting to experience the fun of watching each episode with other fans for the first time if you're a new fan.

Not only will we discuss the show and its characters (gen and slash welcome), but everyone will have the opportunity to offer and answer challenge and post drabbles, stories, icons, banners and videos. Also, there will be squee. Lots and lots of squee.

So please, take part and enjoy yourselves.
Rules for the 7men1destiny Magnificent 7 re-watch
Introductions post
Layout credit: customized soil falling over my head (brown), original by milou_veronica
Mag7 icons in the sidebar: sallymn


Here are some of the boys' dolls I made at Elouai website. Some turned out OK, some are fine, some are great. See if you can recognize them!